Train, Gain, and Maintain...

Boxing is one of the purest sports you can be involved in. Goomba's will teach you what to do when in the ring, but when you step out you are leaving with more than a new set of skills. You leave with a hunger to train, build strength, and gain confidence in yourself. Boxing is a lifestyle.  When you step in the club we promise that you will learn skills to use in your everyday life.


Owner Joe Skubis, started the club in 2012 to share his love of boxing with the community. After finding his passion for boxing at the young age of 11, Joe realized the importance of creating a family friendly club. Now, children as young as 12 years old are able to experince how passion meets old fashion everyday at Goomba's. There is no pressure to be the best or train the hardest. Joe makes sure that you are working towards an obtainable goal, safely.


Boxing is not about two guys lacing up their gloves and beating up on each other. After ten minutes of talking with Joe you will understand how boxing is more of an art, it’s about being smarter not stronger. A lesson that is valuable to learn at any age for fitness or competition.  Joe oozes with passion when working with a member. Most importantly his passion helps members understand that there is passion inside us all. Goomba’s helps to build your confidence and shows you that anything is obtainable. 


Through personal training, an open gym, and a safe club to turn to, Goomba’s becomes a valuable lifestyle change for many people.  The key to success is staying balanced. Training at Goomba’s will teach you to train, gain, and maintain balance in more than just boxing.