Being A Member...

Monthly Member fee of $45.00

(Provides access to the club any time with in business hours.) 
*One Time $75.00 Enrollment Fee.* 


Mon-Fri 6pm , Sat 11am

$10.00 per person (Packages available)

Kids Camp

Every Saturday 10am

$10.00 pre kid

Personal Training Sessions Available:

$25.00 for 30 minutes or $35.00 for 1 hour. 


We Accept Members As Young As 12 Years Old!


When joining Goomba's, you will find the environment to be stress free!

Especially with our NO CONTRACT policy. 

Simply, pay your monthly dues and enjoy the club. 

Membership Discounts


College Student Discount:

  • 15% Only Off Enrollment Month for ALL College Students With A Valid ID! 


Family Discount: 

  • $50.00 Per Family Member For First Enrollment Month!(Open club only, No bootcamps)

  • $40.00 Membership Dues Per Family Member!(Open club only) 

**Minimum of three family members to join. All Three Members must remain active together to maintin this fee.**


Military Discount: 

  • 15% Off Enrollment Month! 

  • $40.00 Membership Dues! (Open club only)

Company Wellness Program


Treat your team to a team training event at our club!

Book an event with us to show your team that you appreciate them! By booking a unique event with us you will provide your team with an opportunity to:


Learn The Art of Boxing

Traing, Gain, and Maintain Balance

Experience Team Building


Event Options:


  • Enjoy A One Hour Team Event

    • Learning The Art Of Boxing And Experiencing Strength and Conditioning Circuits.

  • A Two Hour Team Event

    • Learning The Art Of Boxing And Experience Strength and Conditioning Circuits.

      •  Exclusive Promotions & Perks Offered with 2 hours!

      • Space Will Be Provided To Eat Lunch.