City of Tonawanda Location

You can find us at 60 Main Street in Tonawanda. Parking is located in the rear of the building. 

Inside The Club...



  • Men & Women's Locker Rooms. 

  • TWO, Yes 2 Boxing Rings. 

  • Public Equipment 

  • Safe and Clean Training Environment 


From The Ring To A Quote In The Paper...



"It relieves a lot of stress and I like the enviornment that Joe provides. Everybody here is really friendly and I get to work with him a lot. It's fun."  


"I've always been interested in boxing and once I found this place, my parents let me join. I like how boxing is one-on-one and you have to give everything you've got -your mind, skill, body and how tough you are." 


"I didn't come to see him before when he was working out. This is my very first time, but I like what I see, I'm very happy."